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Dry Cleaning

Dison's is a Certified Master Dry Cleaner. This means that we meet the highest standards of quality in our process. Dison's also offers free minor repairs on all dry cleaned garments to insure that all garments are returned in their best possible condition.

Shirts & Laundry

Not only can Dison's launder and press your dress shirts and blouses, but we can also do the same for your linens, sheets, and pillow cases. We can do fluff dry and fold of your under garments, T shirts, socks, and other washable garments!

Alterations and Repairs

Dison's has a top of the line alteration and repair department that is available with a one week turn-around. With the convenience of our dry cleaning department in the same building, your alterations and repairs can be returned to you cleaned and pressed as well.

Wedding Dress Restoration

Dison's Wedding Restoration consists of cleaning and boxing your wedding dress in acid free paper inside of a air-tight box. The box is then wrapped in plastic, yet can still be opened to view your gown through a plastic window. Other wedding day valuables, such as your veil or garter, can also be placed securely in this box.

Smoke and Odor Removal

Dison's can help if you've had an in home fire, or other odor problem. Our customized cleaning processes combined with our special Ozone treatment vault can completely remove or mitigate just about any odor!

Garment Storage

Let Dison's clear out your closet and store your out of season garments in our insured, safe, humidity controlled vault. For the price of cleaning each garment, plus a one time storage charge, your clothes can be stored for a season and ready for you once the weather changes.

Sanitization of Pillows

Bring your pillows in for cleaning and re-ticking. All feathers are sanitized and put into new ticking with a pattern selected by you for your liking. Dison's can also make pillows customized to your desired thickness and firmness.

Cleaning of Leathers and Furs

In just a two-week turn-around, Dison's can clean and/or repair your leathers. From coats to vests to pants, Dison's is your leather cleaning headquarters.

Pick-up and Delivery

Dison's offers our customers the convenience of having their dry cleaning and laundry picked-up and delivered back to their front door. By setting up a charge account with Dison's, a detailed monthly statement is sent out for payment. Call (507) 289-3944 today to schedule a pick-up today!